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Horseradish for generations 230g

Net weight: 230g
Nutritional features: Gluten-free / vegetarian product
Product description

For generations, our horseradish is a perfect example of how many centuries of tradition can be closed in a small jar. Because we believe in tradition, our horseradish was prepared exclusively from the highest quality raw material – organic, grown in harmony with nature, without the addition of artificial fertilizers and chemicals for plant protection.

Natural for generations, healthy for generations, tasty for generations. Such a product – as the name suggests – we would like to offer you, hoping that it will become a valuable addition to many dishes and will permanently host your tables. Because you do not need to be convinced that horseradish is a part of the daily diet. It is enough to have a look at its healing properties, such as: support of the digestive system, acceleration of metabolism or even bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral activity.