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Grated horseradish on a lemon 230g

Net weight: 230g
Nutritional features: Gluten-free / vegetarian product
Product description

The ancient Romans and Egyptians knew about the healing properties of horseradish, using its roots and leaves in many different ways. Today, with much more knowledge about it, we can confirm that the ancients knew what they were doing. The list of its advantages is long and impressive.

It’s enough to mention its antibacterial and antiviral action, to have an initial picture of how much good it can bring with it its regular consumption. It is also worth remembering that horseradish root is a rich source of vitamins: A, B, B1, B2, C and E, as well as: potassium, magnet, iron, sodium, calcium or phosphorus. And this is just a drop in the sea, considering that the healing properties of horseradish can be listed almost infinitively.