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Beetroot with horseradish

Net weight: 280g
Nutritional features: Gluten-free / vegetarian product
Product description

Beetroot with horseradish is a salad that enjoys a long tradition on Polish tables. Spicy, expressive, for many is an indispensable element of Easter. Which does not change the fact that you can enjoy it, or even need it, all year round.

The more so that beetroot and horseradish finds many uses in the kitchen. It can be served as an addition to cold meats, meat pies, eggs and even fish; also great on sandwiches, especially in the company of a finely chopped avocado and parsley.

Thanks to the combination of red beetroot with fresh horseradish from our natural crops, the beetroot we want to offer you is a real healing cocktail, which not only tastes great, but also has a beneficial effect on the proper functioning of our body.